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Our purpose is to serve Christ by enabling His followers to provide God's Word for today.

Our goal is to serve Christ and the Church in evangelism and discipleship by providing God's Word in contemporary languages so that people around the world may come to faith and life in Jesus Christ.

LifeLight Partners are Christian men and women who have experienced God's love and forgiveness, committed believers taking the Gospel to the world, starting in their own back yard.

We are a Canadian non-profit ministry that has a passion for the Word of God. We provide Bibles in an easy-to-read format to reach those who are in need of Christ in their life.

We partner and come alongside many churches, providing them with resources (Bibles) for ministry and outreach. We try to assist in helping their congregation effectively share their faith outside of the church walls, by letting them know they can give out Scripture that meets people where they are in life.

We also assist underfunded ministries, donating Bibles to their cause so that they can maximize their outreach ministry potential.

We work side by side with many First Nations communities, distributing tens of thousands of Bibles every year to Northern Manitoba reserves, especially in their schools. We commit ourselves to developing relationships with the Chiefs and the community while effectively providing them with the Bible in a format that is easy to understand. The transformations in many of these communities have been no less than miraculous.

We provide many Christ-centered camps with Bibles to hand out to every child or teen who does not have one. We recognize the fact that many of these children are un-churched kids and that the Bible they bring home may be the only Bible their family has ever owned.

We work with some Provincial and Federal prison systems in Canada, providing them with Bibles dedicated to prisoners – Scripture with testimonies of real inmates that have found Christ. This makes the Bible real and relevant to them. Since prison chaplains have very small budgets, we donate thousands of Bibles each year to these chaplains who are then able to share them with the inmates.

We assist youth outreach ministries and special projects, providing them with Bibles that are relevant to today’s youth. We have Scriptures with hot topics relating specifically to teens, Sports New Testaments and others. Many of these Bibles also have testimonies of people in that specific walk of life or relate special information to help deal with issues, such as purity.

Finally, we raise funds through churches, businesses and individuals to support all these projects, ministries and the individuals who have committed themselves to breaking down the walls of comfort and are doing what we have been commanded to do by our Lord and Savior, SHARING…..OUR…..FAITH.

Our financial statements are available at CRA

*We distribute Scripture in Canada only.*

Canadian LifeLight Ministries


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